Midway, a short film by Chris Jordan

to watch the video click on the link below…..

Midway, a short film by Chris Jordan

…..a controversy….. for the beauty and the horror, the destruction and the rebirth, the sadness and the joy, the birth and the death…….

this post is bring about awareness….and our responsibility to our Mother earth and to all upon it …we can all make changes to help heal our Earth ….and it brings with each of us…..

It is how we supposedly “intelligent” humans are raised, these days it is with no respect for ourselves or for others, being human, or other living creatures that have as much right to a pristine as possible planet to live on!

Glass Bottle ——- Approximately 1 Million Years
Plastic 6-Pack Collar ——- 450 Years
Aluminum Can ——- 200 – 500 Years
Plastic Jug ——- 70 Years
Rubber Boot Sole ——- 50 – 80 Years
Steel Cans ——- 50 Years
Leather ——- Up To 50 Years
Nylon Fabric ——- 30 – 40 Years
Plastic Film Canister ——- 20 – 30 Years
Painted Wooden Stake ——- 13 Years
Degradable Plastic Bag ——- 10 – 20 Years
Disposable Diapers ——- 10 – 20 Years
Wool Clothing ——- One – Five Years
Cigarette Butt ——- One – Five Years
Cotton Rag ——- One – Five Months
Orange Peel/Banana Peel ——- Two – Five Weeks
Piece Of Paper ——- Two – Four Weeks
Traffic Tickets ——- Two – Four Weeks
Rolled Newspaper ——- Two – Six Weeks
Candy Wrapper ——- One – Three Months
Rope ——- Three – 14 Months


“The world is not interested in what we do for a living. What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely – hope, strength, love and the power to make a difference in to this world….our world…….! ”

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